Glacier Bay, May 31, 2002

We spent the whole day cruising slowly through Glacier Bay. The group picture was made on the bow of the ship during that scenic cruise. I've not done anything to enhance the blue-green water, which is its natural color as melted glacier water. The appearance varies with changing cloud and sunlight conditions. I didn't have video capabilities on the camera, so I didn't have a way to record the sounds of the bay, mostly of the crashing ice from calving glaciers.

Author and publisher Adam Engst is the young guy with a beard. I had read Tidbits for many years, so I just assumed he was older. In those days Tidbits circulated through email. He was in his early 30s at the time, but hardly looked that old. He's an avid runner and found the ship geared too much for old folks and lacking the exercise resources he was used to. He is the publisher of the Take Control books that give you advice on Mac-related topics and even on how to cook Thanksgiving dinner.

The third person back is author, musician, magician, etc., David Pogue. You see here to top of his head. He's holding one of his small children to get a view of the scenery, maybe even a bear, of which we saw a few. Pogue was for many years the main technology writer for the New York Times. His original ambition was to write Broadway musicals, and indeed he has led the orchestra for some shows. Through his music he got involved with Macs, and his techology interests followed. In the workshop of his that I attended, he made a movie in which we were the actors, and then he proceded to show us how to edit it. For our entertainment one night, David did a show combining magic tricks, jokes, and song parodies, mostly relating to Apple and other technology topics. He is the publisher of the Missing Manual series of books.

Actor John de Lancie is the one in the black jacket and sunglasses.

The Grand Pacific Glacier is the largest glacier in the bay.

The Margerie Glacier


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