May 5 and 8, 2016

After American independence, Britain established the Royal Navy Dockyard on the west end of Bermuda. It served as a naval base and housed prisoners of war, including during the World Wars. After the Second World War, Great Britain decided that perhaps they didn't need a base to use for future wars against the US any more. Now it serves as the main port for cruise ships and functions as a tourist area and docks for ferries and private vessels. The fort houses a variety of historical exhibits and also has a pool for dolphins. For various amounts of money you can swim with them or even be a trainer for the day.

The Old Cooperage houses shops and a restaurant, where I had a traditional Sunday brunch of codfish and potatoes with bananas and avocado. Cod and potatoes was cheap fare to feed the slaves, but the dish caught on with all classes and stations of people, supposedly. The local bananas have an interesting taste. I doubt they gave the slaves avocados, though. My table was near the fireplace where the straps for the barrels were forged.




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