May 4, 2016

Rather than flying through Miami, I could have caught an early flight to Philadelphia, but I didn't want to get up early. Of course during the waits at the Charlotte and Miami airports I thought of W. C. Fields' spurious epitaph. Eventually the weather improved enough in Tampa for our plane to make it to Miami and for our new substitute crew to come in, and we left the gate some time around 10:30pm. However, there was a long line of planes waiting to take off. The boarding pass that had been printed earlier in the day somehow produced an error message from the computer, so they moved me to a window seat on an otherwise empty row at the back of the wing. Maybe we were in a bigger plane than originally planned. Here's a picture from the ground and a picture and video over the Miami area. This is the only time I've been to Miami.

Note that Miami to Bermuda is one leg of the Bermuda Triangle. I hope to visit the third vertex in November when Davidson plays in a basketball tournament in November.


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