May 6, 2016

On Thursday night the predicted storm came in, so I didn't set an alarm, figuring that Friday would be a good morning to catch up on sleep. I eventually got cleaned up and moseyed to the office for my muffin, yogurt, and coffee. I took a taxi to the east of Hamilton to the Bermuda Underwater Exploration Institute, firguring that would be a good place to spend a stormy day. As I walked inside, I immediately met the couple from Plymouth, England, whom I had talked with as we waited for a bus back from St. George's the previous afternoon. The man said he felt much better after I had told him that I didn't believe that Donald Trump would really be elected President. (I did add the caveat that I hadn't thought he'd be nominated, either.) I didn't see the couple again, but on Monday I was on a bus and got to talking with a couple from Chicago. They mentioned that the evening before they had had dinner at a table next to an Englishman who was fretting about Trump. I told them about my conversations with him.

Probably the most impressive thing at BUEI was the virtual reality animation. It wasn't perfectly aligned, but it was still amazing to turn around and see the wake of the ship I was virtually on, and look up and see the sky, etc.

There is quite a variety of exhibits, videos, documentaries, and simulations. You can watch a video of Hugh Downs hyping the Bermuda Triangle. Of particular interest was the exhibit on the recovery of treasure from SS Gairsoppa, which had been sunk by a U-boat in 1941. On display is a 1037.8 ounce ingot of .999 silver, one of the few bars not melted down of the tons of silver recovered.


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