Brooklyn, New York

March 13–17, 2019

I attended the 2019 Atlantic 10 men's basketball tournament at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, NY. As the number two seed, Davidson had a double bye, so they didn't play until Friday. I flew in on Wednesday afternoon and got to my hotel in time to go to the last part of the second game that afternoon. But since we were unlikely to play any of those teams in the tournament, I decided to ride the subway down to Coney Island instead. I bought a 7-day transit pass, and that turned out to be a good decision, given how many bus and subway rides I did while there. It is also convenient not to have to worry about having too much or too little money on my fare card.

I had never been to Coney Island. In fact I had spent very little time in Brooklyn itself, my having ridden down Flatbush Avenue about 40 years ago, and that's it. Many subway lines are available near the arena. The entrance for the D Train was about 0.3 mile walk from my hotel, and the end of that line is a very nice BMT station on Coney Island. The day was overcast and cool with enough wind to make it seem colder. I was hungry by then, so I went into the original Nathan's for a hotdog and some clam chowder. They had the garage-type doors pulled down, so it didn't have the open-air look you see in pictures from the summer.

Then I took some pictures of the closed amusement rides and attractions we associate with Coney Island.

Looking north out the window of my hotel room: Downtown Brooklyn is left of straight ahead, and the arena would be more to the right.

Looking out an an angle to the left of the picture above, I had a view of lower Manhattan, including the new World Trade Center One.


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