May 20, 2011

We sailed down the St. Lawrence River and arrived during the night at Québec. I had booked an inside cabin, but received an upgrade to an obstructed view outside cabin. There was a white metal plate that was in front and to the right of the window. But when I stood beside the bed (rather than on top of it), I had a great view. So on the morning of May 20 when I opened my drapes, I had a spectacular view of Québec, with the lower city below and the Château Frontenac on top.

Old Québec consists of a Lower Town and an Upper Town, which is still surrounded by a stone wall. The Fairmont hotel Château Frontenac rises above it all. To the left of the picture below is the fortress La Citadelle.

The Lower Town has charming buildings and little shops and the Museum of Civilization.

To go between the Lower Town and Upper Town, one can ride the Funiculaire. I made little movies of the ride each way, so you can take a virtual ride:    The Ride Up    The Ride Down

The Frontenac dominates that part of the Upper Town.

The seal on the elevator doors:

Views are impressive from the ramparts of the fortress. Below you can see our ship docked near the Lower Town.

The Parliament Building for the provincial legislature:

The spire seen below is that of the Cathedral of the Holy Trinity, the first Anglican Cathedral outside the British Isles.

Below is a view of the stained glass behind the altar.

Below are interior shots of the Cathedral-Basilica of Notre-Dame de Québec, the cathedral for the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Québec. The original 1647 building was destoyred in the siege of 1759. The current interior was restored after a 1922 fire.



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