Map to Andrew Jackson Birthplaces

Map Note that the SC birthplace is about 3,000 feet from the state line. The NC site is only about 1,200 feet from the line.

To reach the SC site, use the park entrance from US 521. The monument is near the parking lot.

Note also that Rehobeth Road from Waxhaw, NC, makes several not-so-obvious turns.

Waxhaw has several fine restaurants and many antique stores. Most are closed on Mondays. The Waxhaw museum is open Wednesday through Saturday. Just east of the map area is the JAARS Center. They have a Mexico museum and a Museum of the Alphabet.

Longitude 80 degrees 48 minutes west lattitude 31 degrees 51 minutes north on this map is about the bottom of the "d" in "Old Church Rd."

US 521 continues north from the map area to Charlotte, NC. About a mile into NC, Old 521 (Lancaster HWY) heads further west to Pineville, NC, passing the birthplace of James K. Polk, next to the Waldhorn German restaurant.

To the south, US 521 heads to Lancaster, SC. SC 5 and SC 75 head west to Rock Hill, SC.


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