Bergenhus Fortress

July 19, 2023

Our hotel was located near the harbor, very near the Bergenhus Fortress. When Bergen was the capital of Norway, the royal residence and the fortifications for the entrance to the harbor were there. Excavations show there were buildings there before 1100. Now all that remain from the Middle Ages are a hall built around 1260 and a defensive tower from around 1270. We toured both of these buildings.

The tower has good views across the harbor.

Exhibits show typical clothing and armor from the period.


Håkon’s Hall is the largest mediæval secular building in Norway. It was built during the reign of King Håkon Håkonsson in a style similar to English architecture of the period. It has suffered damage from fires and wars over the centuries, most recently in 1944. Norwegian nationalism in the nineteenth century recognized its historical importance. Its most recent restoration was completed in 1961. It is now used for state functions, concerts, and banquets.


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