August 5, 2023


The next day I rode on some of the different bus routes and went to the Kensington area and hopped off in Knightsbridge. I had been to Harrod’s many years ago, so I decided to look around.

It's a great place to window shop for food. They make great looking stuff. You can get a small cake for only £20.

You may also eat in.

I kept wandering into rooms they called “Accessories.” I didn’t check the prices on the handbags.

I did not explore a lot of the store, partly because I kept getting lost. I did pass many other upscale shops.

I had spotted an Apple Store around the corner before I hopped off the bus, so I headed there.

It is a very spacious and open store. There was some sort of instruction going on in the back. I had a nice chat with a musician who works there. Then I headed over to look at watches. My old Apple Watch was still doing fine and is still being supported by their newest OS, though without some of the new features. I knew that some new models would be coming out in September, so I thought I might get a newer one for my birthday.

The Apple Store nearest me closed down suddenly after some shootings around that mall, and the new store at Birkdale won’t open for a few months. So I decided to look at and try on the Ultra model while I was there to see whether I might consider one when I get a new watch. The saleslady was very patient and helpful, and of course knew I wouldn’t buy anything until after I got home.

The Apple Store is convenient to the Knightsbridge Station.

The black taxis are a little more modern looking these days.

The Wellington Arch (seen from the side, as I'm back on the bus) stands at Hyde Park Corner.

I rode the bus on to the St. Pancras stop and headed to the hotel. Soon I was getting hungry and was not interested in fast food. There was an interesting place just east of King’s Cross. I had a delicious tapas-style meal, so somewhat different from other meals on the trip.


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