July 30 – August 1, 2023


I had been to York briefly twice before. The first time was with Doris and Ed Simpson. Even though it sounded ridiculous, Ed talked me into our taking a day trip to Edinburgh from London. We stopped in York, walked down to the Minster and looked at it a bit, saw a wall from some period, and took a cab back to the station to catch the next fast train to Edinburgh. The second time was part of the Anglican heritage tour I took with Fr. David Buck and folks from the church in my neighborhood in 2017. We were expected for Evensong at the York Minster. Our bus was very late getting there, and we had a long walk. The choir was already processing. So they had a wait until the choir was seated, and then we took the seats reserved for us. After the service they were closing up the cathedral, so really very little time for sightseeing. We went to our hotel for supper and then left first thing in the morning. So obviously I had not overdosed on York.

Lee and I had both mentioned York as a possible destination for those three nights. And then a friend here mentioned the huge railroad museum in York. That sealed the decision for both of us. We got a room in the hotel by the train station. It was very comfortable and had a really good breakfast buffet. So in most ways it was a welcome change from the Gloucester guest house. It had comfortable lounges, bars, and restaurants. Our room wasn’t ready however, so we checked our luggage and went out to explore a bit.

The railway museum was our main agenda item, so we went there after the nice breakfast. The hotel was fairly near there, but road construction had us going around every which way. We spent a couple hours there, and I took just 77 pictures. I guess I’ll post too many of them here.

Looking inside a dining car:



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