Some Photos from the Philadelphia Trip

November 12–15, 2010

Short version: Great trip, but we lost the game.

on the train

Bill Cobb, David Rorie, and Tim Dwight on the Carolinian from Kannapolis to Philadelphia.

view from the hotel balcony

The view from our suite on the 16th floor, looking northwest along Benjamin Franklin Parkway
toward Logan Circle. The art museum is in the upper left corner of the picture.

David Rorie at the Liberty Bell

David Rorie at the Liberty Bell

Wanamaker Organ console

The console of the Wanamaker Organ at Macy's during the noon concert

Miss M

Bette Middler rehearses for the opening that night of the Jewish-American museum

At the Davidson-Penn Game

warming up

fans gathering

at Palestra

starting  players



Note John Gerdy in the checked shirt, upper left in picture above

free throw

a shot


after game

after game photo

More Photos

Video of Closing Shots from the Penn Game

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