Garden Pictures, The Pines at Davidson

July 18, 2018

I went over to The Pines this morning to meet with my friend E. B. Dyer, and before lunch he took me to the garden so I could make some pictures. I took along my telephoto lens, and most of the pictures were shot zoomed in at 400mm. I could stay far enough away not to spook the critters. It is a remarkable lens with great image stabilization, so I didn't need a tripod, but shot everything hand-held. The shallow focus of the long lens helps isolate and emphasize the subjects.

We saw just one hummingbird that time of day. I didn't use a fast enough shutter speed to stop his wings in flight, so the second picture looks a lot like he did in person.

One of E. B.'s watermelons:

This picture of a few blueberries may be my favorite of the whole shoot.

Then after I made the pictures, E. B. gave me a couple of tomatoes to take home, and then we met with Sarah for a good lunch.


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