St. Simon’s Island and Savannah

October 20 –21, 2016

On Thursday we went out on St. Simon's Island, first visitng the United Methodist retreat center called Epworth by the Sea. We saw exhibits at the Arthur Moore Methodist Museum, such as the collection of nativity scenes shown below. We returned for the afternoon historical lecture, but the speaker's wife had called and said that he had gone to Macon instead. So the staff showed us a video of the talk, which they refer to as "digital Dave."

Between those visits we headed to Christ Church and Fort Frederica. There is a Wesley Memorial Garden that incorporates oaks under which the Wesley brothers preached.

After the island visit we headed into Savannah and had supper at the Pirates' House. I had last eaten there in 1998 with my uncle. I first ate there in the mid-'70s when they still had grasshopper pie on the menu. I bought their cookbook and used to fix the pie myself on occasion. After supper we wandered around the area near the river until after dark. I soon moved away from the river because Hurrican Matthew had stirred up a bunch of mosquitoes. They apparently thought I tasted much better than Torrey did. On the way back to the motel we stopped at a drugstore for hydrocortisone, which I slathered all over my arms for several days until the bites quit itching.

On Friday we met up with my Davidson classmate Bob McKellar. I had told him we were coming to the area and asked if we could have a tour of the newly relocated and revamped TSWHQ (long story I won't bother you with). It was 85% complete he said. He volunteered to be our tour guide for the day, and we saw many sights including the city museum and the railroad museum. I took some video of the steam engine and such and may eventually get it edited. If I do, there will be a link here.

We had a great day and spent minimal time boring Torrey about Davidson basketball. (His version of the story might differ from mine.)

We visited the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist and got a sneak peek into the nave. Then we saw nearby Lafayette Square. The squares "are the heart and soul of the city."

Our visit with the McKellars concluded with a delicious meal at their home that evening.


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