Tivoli Gardens

Copenhagen, June 19, 2019

To minimize jet lag, one stays active until bedtime in the new place. So once we had checked into our hotel on the day of our arrival, a group of us walked down the street to Tivoli Gardens, just past the main train station.

Tivoli is a combination of gardens, amusement park and fun fair. It inspired Walt Disney to develop Disneyland. There are numerous restaurants, shops, and performance venues. You can read its history in the article linked above. The nineteenth century romantic orientalism manifests itself in much of the style.

The pantomime theater has a peacock-themed curtain.

This picture reminds me of an impressionist painting, but I can't recall which.

This shop sells just licorice balls coated in chocolate and various flavors. I tried and free sample and really liked it.

I can understand that Tivoli would be quite lovely after dark. However, two days before the solstice, the sun didn't set until 10 pm, and we had flown all night, so we left the park about 9 o'clock. As we found out later in the trip, after sunset, it remains twilight for hours and never really gets completely dark.

As we headed out, we could see that the pantomime was in progress.

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