December 31, 2017

On New Year's Eve we drove to the Escondido area to visit the San Diego Zoo Safari Park. This is not one of the places where you drive your car around among the animals. This is more of a habitat area where they breed endangered species with the goal of introducing the offspring into the wild to reestablish populations. We took the African and Asian tram tours in addition to doing a fair amount of walking.

I should have taken the hot air balloon ride. That was on of the few means of transportation I didn't ride on the trip.


I also didn't ride down the zip line, or whatever it is called.

After the park closed we went into Escondido to an Irish-themed pub for supper, and then rode back to Lee's house to see in the new year. It was maybe the seventh or eighth time I've seen the new year in while in California. I've also seen in the new year in New York, Mississippi, and Florida, as well as of course North Carolina.

On New Year's Day we visited a mall and did some practical stuff as well as eating at a nice place. Then Tuesday brought my three-and-a-half-week trip to an end as I flew back to Charolotte.


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