December 12, 2017

We sailed overnight from Maui to Hilo on the island of Hawaii, which they call the Big Island. Hawaii is the largest and newest of the Hawaiian Islands. If I understand all this correctly, the islands are near the middle of the Pacific Plate, which is slowly drifting northwest. Each island formed over a hole in the plate, and then has drifted with the plate, and then a new island would form over the hole. At Hilo, I took a helicopter ride to the Kilauea volcano and its caldera. We also flew over the Wailuku River and its famous Rainbow falls.

I shot video during the ride, I just pointed the camera in the direction I was looking, while enjoying the view and the experience. I really enjoyed the ride. I was seated in the front on the right. As you can perhaps tell from the picture, that was like being in a glass bubble. The view was great. The flight was about 45 minutes, of which I included fifteen minutes in the video. You can watch the video on YouTube. I shot it in 1080p, so I suggest you watch that version and use at least theater mode. Full screen mode is probably better. I know it looks pretty good on my 5K monitor.

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