Bergen Cathedral

July 20, 2023

We chose our hotel because Rick Steves said it has the “best location in town.” It certainly was handy, very pleasant, and had a good breakfast buffet. It also had an included light supper that we ate a couple of times. After the big breakfast, we'd go out sightseeing and then eat a substantial late lunch. So by supper time we didn't really need a lot to eat. It was mostly salad and sandwich fixings. We never did get around to looking for a way to go into the tower at the top and see the view. We were on the sixth floor already, so it was likely handy if the way was open. I finally got around to taking a picture of it. Rick says it was a “grand old shipping headquarters” from the 1920s.

For our last day in Bergen, we decided to visit the cathedral and then take a bus out to Gamle Bergen.The Lutheran cathedral was in a different part of town, but still not a bad walk. It is strikingly less ornate than the cathedral in Oslo and even Mary’s church in Bergen.



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