Hôtel Provincial

The Hôtel Provincial is conveniently located in the French Quarter, 3 blocks east of Jackson Square, two blocks south of Bourbon Street, and just north of the French Market. I stayed in the main 100-200 building. My room overlooked the pool courtyard. The other courtyard has a fountain.

Room 211

room interior

(Click thumbnail for larger view.)


pool courtyard

balcony level

fountain courtyard


drain pipe

Within the hotel complex is the highly-rated Stella! restaurant. I read the posted menu, and it looked good. I ate too much otherwise to work up an appetite to eat there. Some day I'll go back and maybe I can do a meal there justice. I'd like to try either of their seven-course "tasting" dinners. Both the $75 meal and the $95 dollar meal sounded good. As for the name, sorry, no there is no longer a streetcar named Desire, just a bus.



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