The Crescent

My after-Easter trip for 2008 was a ride on the Crescent to New Orleans and back. We left Charlotte about 3 am, and I had a good view of Cramerton and my church from my bed. After we got to Gastonia, I closed the drapes and went right to sleep. I slept very well for what was left of the night. Living near the tracks probably helps, since I'm used to sleeping through train whistles. Here I am during a stop in Birmingham.

me and train

It was the first train for which I got a roomette. This is a composite shot, since I don't have a wide-angle lens on that camera. The room has two facing seats which convert to a bed at night. There's also an upper berth than can be lowered. The built-in toilet and sink are shown on the left, and when they are closed (as pictured) there are two steps for climbing into the upper bed. It's all compact, but quite comfortable and handy.


We arrived at Union Station in New Orleans about 8 pm after riding along Lake Ponchartrain at sunset. I checked into the Hôtel Provincial, right in the French Quarter. Click on the pictures below to go to pictures of the hotel, the French Quarter, the Garden District, and the trip home.

room 211

French Quarter

garden district

trip home

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